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This panel of art glass comes with frame-top hooks & chain for hanging. Like no other product, art glass delivers high visual impact! The rich, vibrant look of stained glass enhances every decor, customers are sure to find the stained glass piece that that perfectly suits their taste!
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Unique Feng Shui Gift Ideas
The principles of feng shui worked 6000 years ago and still work today! Although there are differing schools of thoughts, generally speaking, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art or practice, believed to utilize the laws of both heaven (astronomy, NOT astrology), and earth (geography). - Feng means wind.- Shui means water.
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Trees Deserve Respect
Ailanthus altissima is an ornamental tree grown mainly for shade and also for its leaves which the silkworm feeds on. Sounds prettier when it is called by its unscientific name: "tree of heaven". The acacia thrives in the wilderness of Paran (the location of several historic events in the Bible).
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