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The Bloody Tide: Politics, Polemics, Poetry by Jane Yolen - Daily Two Cents
Title: The Bloody Tide: Politics, Polemics, Poetry Author: Jane Yolen Genre: Poetry Publisher: Holy Cow! Press Release Date: Jane Yolen is one of my favorite authors. She is very accomplished. Many of her books are categorized as fantasy and some of her admirers have compared her to J. R. R.
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FC Etier Writes Political Thrillers - Daily Two Cents
Frank "Chip" Etier is a freelance writer, blogger, photographer and author. The Tourist Killer is his first novel. It's a fast-paced thriller loaded with political overtones that generally accompany a web of conspiracy and intrigue. He also wrote a sequel to this book: The Presidents Club .
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Knight Life by Peter David - Daily Two Cents
King Arthur travels to the future and lands in New York City. New York City is to Camelot as King Arthur is to Mayor of New York. OK! Is Merlin with him? But of course! Do you think he could survive New York without a little help from a trusted adviser?
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Who is Peter Ackroyd? - Daily Two Cents
There was another word used to describe him but it wasn't very complimentary (my opinion), and as such, won't be mentioned by me. A few synonyms for eccentric are: odd, bizarre, outlandish, peculiar, weird and strange. Sounds like he lives in Austin, Texas. But he currently resides in England. Eccentric?
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Movie Review: The Manchurian Candidate
The original film, The Manchurian Candidate, is gold-framed American cinematic history. Filmed in 1962; it had been removed from circulation after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. That's understandable as the Kennedy incident plunged the entire country into mourning and U.S.
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Casablanca Was Not on My List for War Movies
A most impressive cast for a most impressive movie. Gregory Peck (Captain Mallory), David Niven (Corporal Miller), Anthony Quinn (Colonel Andrea Stavrou) and Anthony Quayle - i.e. Sir John Anthony Quayle - (Franklin), Stanley Baker ("Butcher" Brown), Gia Scala (the coward and traitor - forget her name), Irene Papas (Maria), and James Darren (Spyros Pappadimos).
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