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Witchcraft: Past and Present
Witch Hunting Madness: Beginning With The Middle Ages The Middle Ages is said to be the period from the fall of the Roman empire (476 A.D.) to the late 15th century. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that women who practiced witchcraft were in an unholy alliance with Lucifer or Satan, i.e.
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My Father's Country: The Bahamas
How well do you know Bahamian history? The Bahamas: a nation consisting of hundreds of islands, islets, and cays (pronounced "keys") in the Atlantic Ocean southeast of Florida and north of Cuba.
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Read a Self Help Book For a U.S. History Perspective - Writedge
Ever hear of Tony Robbins? He's an excellent motivational speaker and author of several bestselling books on how to forge your path to success. My son appears to be a huge fan. He's always quoting him.
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U.S. History Timeline: After Lincoln, Before Coolidge
by cmoneyspinner The Republican party was formed in 1854 by antislavery groups. Members of the Whigs, Free-Soilers and Know-Nothing parties merged their ideals of freedom with others in this new party that opposed slavery.
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The Appointment: a Novel by Herta Müller - Writedge
In the year 1953, Herta Müller was born in Romania. In the year 1955, when I was born, Rumania (or Romania) joined the United Nations and the Warsaw Pact. Ten years later, 1965, it became a socialist republic. At that time, a Rumanian statesman named Nicolae Ceaușescu was Secretary General of the Communist Party.
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Create Your Own Rainbow and Own It!
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is a best-selling author and has written several books which are usually categorized as Self-Help. Dr. Dyer stated that he had been very much influenced by Maslow's writings. For that reason, Maslow was mentioned in the introductory paragraph.
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Preacher Kids - Writedge
Preacher kids are always expected to be models of exemplary behavior, just like their fathers. Usually that's not the case. Quite often they do not follow the life example set by their parents. Devoted men of God who chose or choose to live their life in service to God have only been exempted from the challenges of parenting, when they didn't have any children.
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Exotic Fruit: Pomegranates
by cmoneyspinner Imagine: If you were esteemed the richest and wisest man in the world and had to choose between apples, figs, grapes or pomegranates, which fruit would you pick? Though the temple of King Solomon no longer exists, there are very accurate and detailed descriptions of its structure and construction recorded in the Bible.
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Dr. Dobson's Parenting Advice is Proven - Writedge
Dr. James Dobson is a well-known psychologist and the founder of Focus on the Family, a non-profit ministry that supplies advice and resources on marriage, parenting and other family matters. He describes two types of children: the compliant child - an obedient child that heeds good advice and follows a path to peace; versus the defiant child - who is the exact opposite.
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